Understand the power of your purpose.

Join me for a workshop in the morning sun, overlooking Manly Beach where you will be surrounded by wonderful women, energised by the activities and celebrated for your beautiful self.

Here’s a sneak peek of the venue & the sort of thing you can expect:

Vicky is a full-engagement teacher and guide. More than a coach; she takes you on a journey toward success and fulfilment, teaching you the tools you need to achieve an abundant future.

After being in a room with Vicky, she is sure to leave you feeling energised & inspired to put your new learning & knowledge into practice.

“When you feel truly confident on the inside you will have the courage to express who you really are on the outside.”

“Thank you for a wonderful, inspiring morning. The room was full of very interesting, beautiful women.
I love the concept of women empowering women.
Since your breakfast workshop, I feel I have slipped into a very positive flow. I just love everything that is happening- Thank you Vicky” 

Michelle Costello

  Reconnect with your purpose or mission

 Turn your dreams into reality and feel phenominal from the inside out

  Set purposeful goals & learn strategies to stay on track

  Learn how to embrace uncertainty & face your fears

  Learn the keys to successful living


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