I believe everyone has magic inside of them… but sometimes we just don’t know how to reveal it. I show my clients different paths of possibility, and give them the skills they need to take their lives in a new and exciting direction.

It’s my privilege to help people uncover their spirit, get out of their own way, and step into their element.

Read on below for a selection of wonderful feedback from my clients.

I have gained so much from my sessions with Vicky.  She is an incredible coach and mentor, and has kept me focused and accountable, and given me a clear vision for where I am going and where I want to be in future. I am grateful for the experience to work with you,  You have an great skill in assisting people to get what they want from life, and you obviously enjoy the process along the way!  Thankyou.
Heidi Horne, Yoga & Wellness Coach

Meeting Vicky was divine timing, I was making big changes in my life. I returned to Australia after many years, I had a one way ticket, and a suit case. I did not know what to do next. I could not make decisions and I was struggling. Vicky gave me space to talk and to be heard, then she very skilfully knew when to change direction. After every meeting with her, I left feeling uplifted and more positive. I would leave with a manageable plan of action. It came quicker then I thought, I felt stronger, more confident, determined and able to return and make decisions, and take action. Today, I feel confident, I have clarity. I now see, and attract so many options for a happy life. I am now living in 2 countries, a life time dream. I am not done yet. We are not done yet. I cannot wait to see what will happen now, with her coaching me, now that I have found myself.
Thank you Vicky
Michelle Costello

Before I started my one on one sessions with Vicky I felt lost in myself and lacked confidence to achieve what I really wanted, which was to secure a new job to progress in my career. Through Vicky’s coaching I found not only confidence in myself but finally began to believe I was good enough. Vicky gave me a way to deal with the self doubt which was previously overtaking my life. Leaving each session with Vicky I felt on top of the world which i honesty believe gave me the confidence to apply and secure the job I wanted. I can’t thank Vicky enough for her support, encouragement and words of inspiration.
Tara Watt

Coaching is a proven subject with well evidenced research and tools to help advance self-awareness, develop positive frameworks and decipher your destiny so you can go after it and fulfil your potential. This was my mission as I decided to invest a little time in me and arranged to meet with The Element Coach. What an enriching experience! After just three sessions I am wiser, more determined and more focused on my own vision of success BUT more than that I am able to draw on my own inspiration, internal strength and positive energy to keep me on track. Coaching is definitely a science but with Vicky it is a whole lot of magic as well!

Amy Hefford, Head of External Affairs at AbbVie Australia

I have attended work shops and have had one on one consultations with Vicky. I cannot recommend or sing her praises enough! Whatever the reason, you will leave with a new fire, a new determination and most important a new focus and set plan to achieve what you might now think is un-achievable and totally out of reach. Whether it be personal goals or business goals Vicky will show you the way with above and beyond support along the way.

Anna Paszkiewicz

Vicky is awesome! Her workshop makes you snap out of your cloud and puts you in working mode very quick! She is genuinely happy in helping others.

Mauricio De la Rocha, Business Owner at Mauricio De la Rocha G – Fine Art Gallery

Vicky is one of those dynamic and inspiring individuals who is passionate towards helping you become the best version of yourself. I had the pleasure of working with Vicky as a private client as well as attending several of her workshops. I was particularly impressed with her dedication to go above and beyond the tools, structure and information she used to assist me in the process by jumping in with both feet to take the journey alongside me. She is a true leader, trainer and coach in every sense of the word towards your journey to greatness. I can’t recommend Vicky enough, if you have a chance to work with her, you will thank yourself.

Paige Schwartz

I met Vicky at a Women’s Event she hosted in January this year, 2016. Vicky has changed my life in so many ways. She has been a wonderful mentor, she has helped me to acknowledge my successes, have a clear path to achieving goals and encourages me to step up and be the best version of myself I can possibly be. Vicky is a woman with a heart and sole and a brilliant coach in life and business.

Karen Sander, Author of Ageing Fearlessly for Women

As someone who considers themselves a very rational and logical person, I was sceptical about the concept of life coaching when I started seeing Vicky, but by the end of our first session I was converted. Working with Vicky has helped me to step outside my comfort zone and to grow more, both professionally & personally, than I would have imagined possible in such a short period of time. Her logical and passionate delivery was the ideal combination that allowed me to embrace her ideas. Through working with Vicky I realised what I really wanted out of life and have gained the confidence to pursue those goals.

David Whelan

Vicky you have made me look at myself. To face my fears and to tune into my thoughts.

Mandy Francis

Vicky is vivacious, enthusiastic & passionate & a great inspiration to go out & grab life & make the best possible life for yourself. Loved it!!

Dale Ensor

The topics really hit home & Vicky is inspirational. Thank you Vicky for opening my eyes & my mind!

Maryanne Abed

I didn’t realise I NEEDED to hear everything you said! I will highly recommend you, this was really helpful, the wake up I needed.

Natalie Dias

It was honest & raw. Vicky makes you feel welcome but you honestly believe & feel her passion. The real life examples through the topics help people relate & open up more. I loved this workshop, it helped me look at my thinking. I would highly recommend it.

Natalie Chalmers, National Business Manager, 20th Century Fox

Your personal stories & success made it easy to connect with & gave me the perception that everything you talked about is 100% achievable!

Anthony Vitale, Product Manager 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

I’m now feeling motivated to continue with positive changes, I’ve been so stumped & feeling overwhelmed so this has helped get me back on track. You are an inspiration. Thank you!






Erin Whittaker, Paramount Home Entertainment

My experience with Vicky was life changing. The learnings I took from her teachings have stayed with me and will stay with me for the rest of my life. I cannot recommend her and her company any more highly. If you want to make a decision to enhance and better your life, Vicky will take/support you on the path to achieve anything.


Stephanie Hall, FOX Sports

Today’s workshop made me feel awesomely inspired to be a better me.

Wendy Jacobs

I loved being surrounded by incredible energy & willingness to better our lives. Vicky is seriously inspiring & charismatic- A role model for me.

Loretta Bogard

Vicky you are brilliant! Your get up and go is inspiring – I can feel your passion from the back of the room!

Alison Bucknall, HR Manager – Nilfisk APAC

Short, sharp, engaging, quality content.

Tony Ashcroft, Director F45 Dee Why

You truly are an inspiration Vicky. Thank you for bringing such passion into your work. You have an amazing gift for speaking your true passions and aligning therewith your beliefs/ values to live the life you love! Your energy is enigmatic. I have learned so much! Thank you!


Dimitra Nikolarakos, Lululemon

What an amazing speaker; always engaging! Your workshop really facilitated my thoughts & especially putting them down on paper. Super inspiring, I had an awesome experience & really brought possibilities to the surface that can be acted upon. Thank you!

Emily Nota, Educator Lululemon

Vicky- your enthusiasm and passion for helping others ignites the right kind of fire inside of me to take more action.

Adam Cox

What an amazing event to attend, it took me a 30min ferry ride and a 40min train ride to get home.. and I can say it was worth every minute!! Thank you for inviting me and I will be recommending you to everyone. The little gift pack was beautiful – thank you. Once my statement becomes are reality I will be sure to let you know.
2015 will be the best year!!

Lisa Skeggs

Vicky is so incredible, genuine and passionate in what she does. every session I have had with her has helped propel my business to the next level. Thanks Vicky

Jodi Baines

I started working with Vicky at a time in my life were there was a lot of uncertainty and confusion about what I should be doing for the future of my relationship and career. Unable to see past the barriers that I believed were in my way and preventing me from being able to move forward in a positive way, Vicky helped me navigate it in such a way that I am now the confident and happy person I knew I could be. Vicky’s approach is supportive and genuine which I believe made my experience so wonderful.
Vickys passion for what she does is so infectious that you cannot help but invest totally in the journey and come out the other side more inspired than you thought possible, I certainly know that is how I feel about it . Thanks for being an awesome coach and making a positive difference to my life.

Niamh Redahan, Paramount Home Entertainment

I didn’t know what to expect from my first session with Vicky, but I was absolutely blown away with how she managed to dig up a past memory of something that had plagued me for over 30 years. She was able to guide and relieve me of the stress and anxiety that it was causing me to feel towards myself and my family. I left feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders! Amazing and highly beneficial experience that I would recommend to anyone!

Vanessa Van Der Heide

Dear Vicky you were wonderful, so positive and coming very much from your heart, your stories are good to hear, they are your point of reference, so much more of a learning for the audience than a text book reference.
Thank you for a wonderful, inspiring morning. The room was full of very interesting, beautiful women.
I love the concept of women empowering women.
Since your breakfast workshop, I feel I have slipped into a very positive flow. I just love everything that is happening- Thank you Vicky.

Michelle Costello

What a fantastic event. I loved every minute.  The topics were perfect & I learnt a lot. Vicky’s personal touch with her stories & events that got her to where she is today are inspiring. Practices what she preaches! You are an inspiration!

Melinda Ashton

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