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Join transformative coach Vicky Jones in helping you to discover your passion, enhance your talent and find your element.

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Learn how to create your ultimate life filled with happiness, success and vitality.

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A passionate human behaviour expert and devoted mum, Vicky’s mission is to help others discover their unique element.

Find Your Element

What does it mean to be in your element?

Your element is that magical place where your deepest passions and natural talents are aligned. You feel inspired and energised every day. You are connected to your authentic self, and love who you are. You feel excited, and in-the-zone. You feel ALIVE.

You are doing what you are passionate about

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You feel focused, vibrant, and full of curiosity.

You feel you are being the best version of yourself

Your body is healthy and full of vitality

You are growing and evolving.

When you live in your element, you are vibrating at a different frequency (not in a new age woo-woo kind of way but based on science). Life is full of light, possibility and excitement.

When you’re in your element, you can achieve any goal. I help you connect the dots between all areas of your life, and guide you to discover your element.

Don’t leave your life to chance, magic, or hope. I have provided a free workbook for you to find your element and live a more fulfilling and joyful life.

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